Three wheel stroller confrontation Phil And Teds(Made in New Zealand) vs AirBuggy(Made in Japan)













Phil&Tedsタイヤ 大きい

Phil&Tedsブレーキ 細いけど固い

I finally bought the stroller of Phil And Teds.
It was shopping that exceeded 100,000 yen, it examined it considerably carefully.

Four strollers including AirBuggy were in the house when this stroller was bought. Moreover, because Phil And Teds and AirBuggy are very large, I make one room be depository only for the strollers.

Well, the impression used for several months.

After all, the manufacturing product of Japan is wonderful.

Phil And Teds is made of the foreign country, and the price also does twice AirBuggy.

Because two children are taken, it might be able to be said the price corresponding. However, there is a considerable difference in making a basic part.

– Frame
Phil And Teds is a steel-made, and AirBuggy is an aluminum frame. Aluminum has lightened a little naturally.

Being done by accuracy with a wonderful welding of AirBuggy is correct because there is no problem at all even if I use it tough though the welding of aluminum is more difficult.
AirBuggy seems to be managed strictly though both are production in China.

– Needlework
It is a structure to wrap both cloths around the frame of the metal.
The needlework of AirBuggy is fine quality.
The cloth doesnot tear even if three-year-old child splashes on the stroller. Even if two children get on, it is safe.

I think that strength is equal of Phil And Teds. I think that there is somewhat roughness in the seam, and the cloth is thin a little more.
The child might not splash and it be unquestionable.

– Travel gear and tire bearing
It is the same to install the tire of the bicycle type through the bearing.

Phil And Teds really applies the tire of KENDA of the tire manufacturer for the bicycle. It is possible to exchange it for any if there is one replacement tire because the tire is the same tire as three wheels.

In AirBuggy, rear two wheels and front wheels are another types.
As for AirBuggy, durability seems enough because of the current use results.

However, the tire of Phil And Teds has exploded in this summer.
The tire had torn splendidly when the tire was seen on a certain morning. The tube seems to have exploded in the night.
Because it was not time when it ran, it did not blow out with the nail etc. but the air pressure was not able to be endured.

Because the tire pressure of AirBuggy and Phil And Teds did not have the difference, it seems that there is a structural

Made of aluminum ..AirBuggy.. ..the wheel.., and the tire also has ..steady.

As for the tire, because inertia is also large because Phil And Teds is larger, turnabout etc. feel “It is heavy”.

The stroller both of the bearing are also excellent, and without the bearing is easiness of another dimension to push.

– – Others
Comparison of brakes of AirBuggy and Phil And Teds.
Brake of brake AirBuggy of Phil And Teds
Brake of Phil And Teds
Brake of AirBuggy

It is not possible to use it with Phil And Teds usually because it is hard. When it is a person to whom which the elasticity of steel is too strong, and power is weak, the lock and release are difficult.

AirBuggy confronted is lightly lockable. The lock can be steady and be highest doing.

Moreover, Phil And Teds is bad the sponge of an arm forward and the material of Velcro.



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